About Nico

Born & raised in San Antonio TX, Nico grew up in both the USA and Mexico. Learning both English and Spanish, he slowly became more open to the world and its culture. Alongside the influence of his grandfather, he taught him how to appreciate his surroundings, and how they could all be seen differently by either shaping or being moved by it. Cinematography would later move and shape his passion to pursue visual storytelling. He believes that all images have the power to move people and when they do, they are true to human nature. Lighting a scene is one thing, but the people you surround yourself with will influence and push your creativity to the next level. If Nico ever grows tired of chasing light, he plans to settle down on a small sail boat and travel across the seven seas.  

Nico is self-represented and takes clients on a limited basis.

Inquire about his availability below:

Cell: +1 (210) 394-three eight eight zero


Fluent in English & Spanish

Current American & Mexican Passport

International Cinematographers Guild - IATSE Local 600 Member


Vimeo Staff Pick - The Associate

Best Picture Josiah Media Film Festival 

+ More Soon